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Please have your child read at least 30 minutes a day as well as keeping up with their journal writing.

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Caribu is the #1 app for children ages 0-13 to read, draw, and do activities in an interactive video-call with family and friends. @Caribu is extending the FREE and UNLIMITED use of their platform and in-app library this summer for families to have access to high-quality anti-racist content to spark courageous conversations while public libraries are closed. 

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This resource from "Hand to Mind @ Home" provides 12 weeks of downloadable daily lessons in Spanish and English for literacy, math, and STEM.  Families can use this resource for grades K-5. 

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Please also look in our google classrooms for interactive activities. 

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Happy Summer!!  Best of luck in First Grade!

Newsela Social-Emotional Learning: Remote Learning Activities 

We all share the goal of supporting students with staying safe and healthy, processing change and stress, and continuing their education. During this time of remote learning and processing the COVID-19 pandemic, get the most out of the Newsela SEL Collection by printing or assigning articles from these Topics: 

  • Support students in practicing healthy habits
  • Direct students to complete a daily mindfulness activity and write about their experience and reflect on their emotions
  • Help students become and stay organized as well as motivated and determined to keep learning while at home. 
  • Help student manage their stress and practice self-care at home. 
  • Remind students about how to manage social media , especially when social events and interactions are physically limited. 
  • During times of change and challenge, students can feel empowered to be full of integrity to help their families and communities. 

Other SEL activities we recommend: 

  • Self Care: 15 minutes of mindfulness or movement. Recommend GoNoodle to students and families. 
  • Reflection: Complete a 3-2-1 daily journal: 3 things I did today, 2 questions I have, and 1 thing I’m grateful for. 
  • Family Support: Have students interview family members about their experience with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 response. Inquire what they can do to help and generate a plan to support their family and community. 
  • Take informed action: Write emails to your family and friends to check in on them. Write emails to your local representatives with your questions and recommendations about the situation. 

Need specific articles and activities? For a daily, 30-minute article and activity, select from or use this sequence (and reference the online Lesson Sparks attached to each article and Topic) to make your printed or online assignments: 

Core Article(s) Related Topic(s) Student Write Prompt 

Learning at a distance: For some students, virtual labs replace hands-on science experiments 

School Safety How does learning at a distance or “remote learning” affect you? How does 

it impact your school community? In your reflection, be sure to include examples about you and at least two other people/groups impacted. 

Imagine you are part of a student committee in charge of making plans for remote learning for 1 month. What would you need to consider? What would you plan for students to do at home so they could keep learning? Cite 2 details from the article to support your explanation. 

Staying Healthy: Stopping the spread of germs 

How to wash your hands properly 

Healthy Habits Imagine you are responsible for teaching a younger sibling, cousin, or 

friend about how to stay healthy. What are three tips you would give them and how would you help them learn those tips really well? 

Staying Informed: Understanding Corona Virus 

Opinion: Fear about the coronavirus is normal, but don’t let it control you 

Your most urgent questions about the new coronavirus 

Be your own fact checker and learn to weed out fake news 

WHO joins TikTok to share information about coronavirus 

Media Literacy 

CoronaVirus Collection 

Complete a 3-2-1 reflection about the article(s) informing you about Corona Virus: ● What are 3 things you learned? 

Complete a 3-2-1 reflection about the article(s) informing you about Corona Virus: ● What are 3 things you learned? 

Complete a 3-2-1 reflection about the article(s) informing you about Corona Virus: ● What are 3 things you learned? 

  • What are 2 questions you have? 
  • What are 2 questions you have? 
  • What is 1 thing you are grateful for? 

Staying organized while learning at home: How to become an organized student 


Describe a concrete plan you have for staying organized while learning at home. In your plan, include any challenges you might face while learning at home and how you plan to overcome them. 

Managing Stress and Practicing Self Care: 

Dealing with stress and strong emotions 

Relieve stress and anxiety by creating art 

Healthy Habits Stress Management 

How do you plan to practice self-care and manage stress while you’re learning at home? Name three things that you will do, when and how you will achieve those things, and any challenges. 

How do you plan to practice self-care and manage stress while you’re learning at home? Name three things that you will do, when and how you will achieve those things, and any challenges. 

How do you plan to practice self-care and manage stress while you’re learning at home? Name three things that you will do, when and how you will achieve those things, and any challenges. 

Bonus: "Forest bathing" helps people sit still and 

Complete a daily note about how you took care of yourself and pay attention to nature 

others each day you’re learning from home. 


How to meditate: It's all about focusing 

Mindfulness Explain how you imagine feeling before, during, and after you meditate 

using your preferred strategy. What might a challenge be? What would be the greatest benefit? 

Staying Motivated Get rid of these three negative statements when studying 

Why your mindset matters 

Determination Complete this Positive Self-Talk worksheet. 

Do you think it is better to have a growth or a fixed mindset? How does each type of mindset impact your feelings and actions? Explain your answer using evidence from the text. 

Supporting Family UCLA institute on kindness wants to promote a more humane world 

Relationship Building Interview a family member. Ask them about what is challenging during this 

time and what you can do to help. Ask family members what they are grateful for during this time and share with them what you are grateful for. Then, write your reflection on that interview conversation. What did you learn? What do you plan to do now? 

Supporting Community How to be a mensch 

Integrity What does it mean to “be a mensch”? Cite two details from the text. Then, 

explain how you can be a mensch while you’re learning from home and beyond. 

Empathy for others Officials say coronavirus targets elderly and ill, children mostly unaffected 

In an angry America, a new remedy emerges: compassion 

Empathy Choose a recipient who you believe would benefit from your empathy. This 

could be a family member, classmate or school community member, or someone else in the country or world. It can be a specific person or a group of people. Write them a letter that shows compassion and empathy. 

Empathy: Suspending Judgement Can altruism exist without empathy? Lessons from the ant world 

Canceled foreign trips and anxiety: U.S. schools prepare for coronavirus 


Why do some people judge others? How can judgements be both helpful Perspective-Taking 

and harmful? Explain using two details from the text. and Diversity 

Friendships Maintaining Friendships and Connections How to be a good friend 

Social Media 

Research shows close relationships can mean better health, longer life 

Negative, positive effects of excessive social media use on teens studied 

In three sentences, reflect on how you’ve been a good friend in the past. Reflect: how does learning at home impact your friendships? Then, in three to five sentences, make a plan for how you can be a good friend while you are remote learning. 

Curiosity: Research and learning on your own These 5 questions might boost your curiosity — and make you happier 

Curiosity Research Projects 

Imagine: How might your conversations at school and outside of school change if you used the five questions that boost curiosity more? Which one(s) do you believe would be the most interesting to incorporate into your conversations? Include one detail from the article to support your response. 

Joy: For the love of learning Researchers say a "YOLO" attitude is good for our brains 

Joy Independent Reading: Reader Favorites 

Create a proposal for a new study that relates to YOLO. Include your question, hypothesis, prediction, and method of study. 

Reflection: What do you want to learn more about? Decide on a topic and use Newsela to research 3 or more articles to learn more about that topic and build your expertise. 

Inspiring youth: kids and teens who help others South Carolina teen raises $70,000 for community by organizing basketball games 

Dare to care: Nine-year-old girl delivers puzzles to seniors with dementia 

Even kids can have a role in helping after natural disasters 

Integrity Consider the challenges you observe in your family, school, or community. 

Then, create a plan to help others. In this plan, be sure to include the challenge you’re going to solve, how you plan to solve it, what resources or help you’ll need, and how long it will take. 

More about Newsela’s Social Emotional Learning Collection: Newsela’s Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Collection provides CASEL-aligned content and activities for students at their grade band. Within each competency, there are topics full of real-world and explainer articles that students can read and annotate, as well as take a reading comprehension quiz. Each article comes with a Lesson Spark that includes a customized write prompt and activity. There are also at-home resources you can print for parents, culminating activities and projects for students to complete at home, and links to online professional development and resources for educators.