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Operoo New User Guide

 operoo Sign In  



  1. All parents should have received an email to their inbox providing them with their login credentials for Operoo. This will include their Operoo username and a temporary password.

  2. Clicking on the blue “Sign In” button in this email will bring the user to the Operoo sign-in page. They will be asked to sign in with the username and password that were provided in this email.

  3. Signing in for the first time will prompt the user to set up a new password, and to self select their preferred language for the site to display in.

  4. After setting this new password, the user will be logged into their account. This first time they fully log into the site, they will be prompted to confirm the contact information that is on file for them.

    The email address will default to the one that is on record in the system. If updates are unnecessary, they can cancel out of this window, or if updates are being made, they can use the blue “Save” button to update the records in the system. 

Updating Contact Information as a User


  1. When a parent user is logged into their Operoo account, they will access the My Account tab at the top right of the page.

  2. In the My Account tab, they will click on Change My Contact Details.

  3. The same pop up window they saw when they first logged into their accounts will appear allowing them to update the email address and phone number associated with them.

    After the contact information has been updated, the user will click on the blue “Save” button.


Updating Default Site Language


For parents who would prefer the site to display in their home language, but did not set it during their initial login, they can follow the steps below.


  1. While logged into their Operoo accounts, they will click on the small globe icon located in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  2. They will be presented with a dropdown menu in the middle of the screen allowing them to select the language that they prefer the site be displayed in.

  3. Once they make their selection from the menu, they will click the blue “Save” button below the dropdown field.

Note: If the user would like to reset their default language to English, they can click on the globe icon again. There will be a new button present for them that says “Reset to English”.

P.S. 121 P.T.A.


Mrs. Brunson's Corner

 Use this link  uniforms.docx  to download a uniform order form.  The tiger shirts & sweatshirts are now being sold by the PTA.  The order form is attached and can be returned to you child's teacher so they can place it in the PTA mailbox or you can email it to them at If you have any questions regarding sizes or availability, please reach out to them directly. The website is below if you want to order online thru PayPal.










Important links for the school year

Click the link below to access the NYC DOE's portal.

Register now! (Open external link)You can also select your preferred language (English, Spanish or Chinese) and submit a question. 

In order to  set up our child's student account you can click here: 

DOE Accounts

Parents we encourage you to set up a NYC DOE account for yourself.  Please use this link to do so:

NYC Schools Account 

To Find Your User Name and Reset Password click here: